Genesis DT

The modern and trend-setting technology of the Genesis DT not only accommodates current but also upcoming needs of the quickly developing digital x-ray technology, from flat panel to tomosynthesis.

Typ Genesis DT

Power: 50-80 kW nach DIN 6822
Converter frequency: 120 kHz
Tube voltage: 40 – 125 kV (optional bis 150 kV)
Tube current range: 0.5 …. 650mA (750mA, 800mA)
mAs-range: 0.4 … 600mAs
Exposure time: 0.001 …. 6 sec

Supports analog and digital AEC-measuring chambers
Freely programmable and controllable (via procedure-codes) anatomical programs
1-, 2- and 3-point exposure technique
Continous and pulsed fluoroscopy
Integrated dose area product meter (DAP)
High speed starter integrated (65kW as option, 80kW as standard)
Comfortable operation via touchscreen
Operation alternatively via external personal computer
Integrable into host system
Easy and software supported installation and maintenance

Data Sheet Genesis-DT